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$5 for peg covers and frame plugs (pics)

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so i decided to make some rear peg covers and upper frame plugs. i used 1" high density foam and then I spray painted it black to match the bike. i think it turned out very well especially since the whole project only cost me $5. The peg covers look pretty gray in the pictures due to the camera flash but they are the exact same color as the upper frame plugs. let me know what you think.


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looks good, are they glued in? how do you have them held in there?
no they are not glued in. i cut the foam piece big enough that the thickness and the width of the foam hold itself in place (they definately aren't going anywhere unless you physically pull on them with your fingers, i think i cut the foam 2.5" or 3" wide x 5" long). i stuffed it in from the bottom of the hole and then spread the foam out evenly from the top side (seat removed of course). where did you get your license plate cover with the led in it. your bike is looking really nice by the way.
the dealer actually put it on, and thank you. just ordered some shogun frame sliders, and t-rex front and rear stands. planing on doing some exhaust work not fully decided on what yet, a pcIII, filter and some goodies...

what do you think about me getting new stickers "yamaha" and "r6" in like flat black? also maybe get the rims powder coated black?

if interested i can see how much the plate bracket is, and ship it to you or something? i get 10% through them sence i bought my bike there.
Looks good. If I want them for mine I have to get white covers and paint them candy red because they don't sale candy ones. So annoying.
tpayne, every time i see that picture of your bike it makes me want to buy the same slip on. soooo tough looking, i love that thing. get some foam and paint it candy red. i'm sure it's a lot cheaper then the real deal. not even sure how much the real covers cost but i heard you can only get them in the uk and it's $40 just for the shipping?? i would like to see a picture of the real covers, i haven't been able to find one yet.
yeah, ill be doing foam for mine, sence they dont make the real covers yet.
silver08r6- i think matte black r6 and yamaha stickers would look really good. black powder coated rims would be sweet looking too. perhaps throw a little gold stripe on the rim to match the front fork or silver would look good too (like the red stripes on the '07's)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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