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99 R6 warming up miss.

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My 99 R6 runs really good when its warmed up like its supposed to. But I have to let it warm up to like 180 before i take off for it to run right. Is this normal? If I let it warm up til 120 it might take 15 minutes or abunch of slow riding. We rode the other day and the weather might have something to do with it cuz that day it was about 55 out here in Missouri. And It would rev but hardly to red line like it had a miss in it. But once it warmed up it ran great every time i got on it. And when i start it it idles up and down like that miss is coming in and out. Even if it is up to 180 it still does that at low idle. So I was gonna see if anybody else had this problem. I 've been letting it warm up alot lately and don't have any trouble. The engine is stock. Thanks for any help.:YEA:YEA:menace
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whens the last time you changed your plugs? Sounds like one of them dirty
I did just put this bike together and the plugs have less than 1000 miles on them. I checked the valve clearance while i had the engine out. The engine has around 20,000 on it now. I'm sure its not the choke. It would only run better when it was warm if the pilots were plugged or the carbs were really dirty. Its around 65 out now and I let it warm to about 150 today and it was runnin good after just few minutes or riding so i think the weather has a lot to do with it. That or it just needed to be rode cuz this engine sat for about 2 years before i got to get it in a frame.
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