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99 shifting problems

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I need some info regarding a shifting problem so I dont get taken at my local shop.

So heres what happened. I took my 99 R6 in to have the sprockets and chain replaced and 2 days later when I went to take it out I had problems going into ALL of the gears. Not just second, but all of them. It has a hard time going into gear, you really need to jam it and sometimes it would pop back into neutral. I took it back to the shop and had them check the chain slack, and also the shift lever and linkage. When they pulled off the linkage and manually tried to shift right off the motor it still had the same problem.

Does this sound like a shift fork problem? or could it just be the clutch? Once i got it into gear it seemed to stay no problem. Also could this be a result of them torque-ing down the front sprocket while it was in gear? I hope that they would have the common sense to not do that but I need any info so that I dont end up pulling the engine for no reason. They told me they would start by pulling the clutch cover off and inspect the shift linkage to see if there is a problem there.

any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Search detent spring. You can temporairly ride it if you keep constant (doesn't need to be hard) pressure on the shifter. For example, if you shift into first by pressing down of the shifter, don't take your foot off, just keep the lever pushed down. Basically instead of the the spring keeping it in gear you will have to use your foot.
thanks, turned out it was the detent spring.. being replaced as we speak along with a couple clutch plates. glad the motor didn't need to be pulled.
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