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A bit of a problem after installing HID's

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Well I finally got my 4300K HID for my 6S. Loving the output and the brightest and sharpest white I always wanted with no hint of blue whatsoever :nocontrol.

Yesterday morning I woked up and washed my bike, after that wiped her down and let her sit for 30 minutes in the sun, then started her up and off to the canyon. When I came back home I noticed there's condensation in my low beam side lens... really got me irritated and mad. Does anybody know how to cure this? I can not stand it and really dislike it.

Tonight finally got to ride at night with the HID from work I noticed the light really flickered hard when I rev the rpm up a bit, this is just the low beam only... I thought it was normal til I got on the freeway it flickered really bad like the bulb was just gonna go poof! It flickered to the point where I thought it did went out. Is this normal or not ? My high beam seem to work well and things seem normal when high beam is on but I was loving the output riding low beam till I saw the bad flicker it did.

Anyways here are some pictures I just recently took right now sorry for the night shots.


Low beam cold: Its blue because its cold

Low beam fully charged/warm: Pure white from being fully warm

Cutoff lines: this was with the flash on sorry

High Beam cold: see the blue from cold?

High Beam fully warm:

Both Low and High on behing windscreen:

I will be adjusting the high beam lower for night time use.

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hmm, my 4300K always has the blue even after warm up... :dunce:

how long does it take to warm up to pure white?
what i understand is that flickering started to happen after the bike wash... i suspect that water got onto the ballast/relay... although those are supposed to be waterproof i know that it was a prob years ago with aftermarker HID kits....

i suggest u clean up the ballast/relay to make sure they are dry.... also try switching ballast for the flickeing bulb to see if it still does that (if so the ballast is ok but bulb is not.... )

let us know the verdict once u figure it out...
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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