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(Video link at bottom if you want to skip the story)

The Story:

To start off with, no, Jerome had no idea this was going to happen. However, he should have expected it, from knowing me.

Since last winter, when I started working on the SV to prep it for this season, Jerome always joked around how he'd rock a pink bike. This went on and on throughout the year, and finally, when it came time to paint the bike, I took him with me to Wesco, and picked out, a blue that matched the tank as close as possible. Jerome also went to my shop in Oregon to witness his bodywork being painted.

Fast forward to his NRS. Jerome crash's.

He decides he should order another set of plastics, which is fine. We also, got a hold of a spare tank for his SV, since the other one was dented pretty bad.

Plastics came in, but I repaired his old set, so he could go out in WMRRA Round 1. They held up, all was well.

After WMRRA round 1, Jerome, a friend of ours (Phil, a good friend of Brandon Knowles) and myself were having Pizza at Shakey's one night. Jerome was talking about how he had been doubled teched at one of the Track days, because his bike was so ugly (I did a quick patch job, but it was stable, and sound), and that he didn't care, he just wanted to race. He'd race anything, including a pink bike. Phil and I just looked at each other, and the ball started to roll.

Jerome knew I was going to repair his tank, and knew that I was planning on taking the body work with me to Oregon to paint. The plan was already half in motion. Phil let Brandon in on it, and Brandon gladly accepted to help out.

Jerome screwed around, and never got the plastics mounted up, I really didn't want to take plastics down that were not pre-mounted, so I went to "Oregon" without them, and just took the tank (I was actually going to drop them off with Brandon before I took off to Oregon, was the original plan).

So in Oregon, I just cut the tank apart, fixed it, wielded it back together, and shaped it as close to the stock look as I could, as well as Line it (Actually lined it when I got back).

That week, I took the plastics to Brandon, and I told Jerome that I took them to my Brother, who was going to see my parents that weekend. So he completely bought it. He could have even called my parents, they would have told him the same story. Yes, even my parents were in on this.

So with Jerome thinking his plastics were in Oregon, being painted by my dad, they were in fact, in Lynnwood/Everett being done by Brandon.

We finally got them fitted later on, after I took a day off of work, and stole the bike for a day while he was at work, and got the custom decals fitted.

Then off the plastics went, and the bike back to his place for the remaining week.

Friday Night, before the race, Jared, Jerome, and Myself loaded up the trailer with the bikes, and had everything packed and ready to go.

Soon after, Jerome went to bed, and Jared and I took the trailer up to another buddy of ours that lives just a few miles away. Working away until 2:30, we mounted everything up, and put it all back in the trailer.

And then, the next morning....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9G-enOp7G8 - May not be directly safe for work due to Jerome's Language after he sees the bike.

Please excuse my incoherent speech. I had spent the last 2 days at work doing an Integration of a business we acquired in Atlanta, so I had only 3 hours of total sleep in a 72 hour time span.

Note: I decided to put this YouTube video up on his account

Here's Jerome being a good sport and actually riding it

Some other photos: During when the bike was stolen and the stickers were put on.

Assembly at 1am in the morning, 6 hours before Jerome would first see his bike.

The Late Night Assembly Crew:

Mic (With Jared in the back)



Photo of Jerome: A hat from his Mentor

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I just hope you had to order the hello kitty decals and didn't have them lying around.
Had them custom made at a local shop here. That is why they are not direct copies of Hello Kitty, They put some jagged lines at the bottom of Hello Kitty.

Overall though, I think it came out great. It's a really well done bike. We were not going to do a crappy job. If you are going to do it, gotta do it with Style, or else you're just vandalizing someones property.

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that's funny

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The look on Tokins face was awesome! I was wondering how he was going to react when he first saw his newly decked out bike. AWESOME>>>JUST AWESOME!
Oh Hey, a Fellow PNDubber :YEA

But yah, I wrapped up a good chunk of change into this prank, Time off of work, all the driving around, having to rebuild his crashed gas tank to resemble OEM as much as possible, decals, etc etc, it was probably between 500 and 800 bucks.

But the reaction was priceless, and made it well worth it to me.

Sad thing is, the costs didn't stop with the prank, he made me buy the photo's from Bones... Which, I humbly did, since well, what can I say. My prank, I better buy the photo's for him at least.:lmao

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yeah well worth it, thats something none of you will ever forget. a good memory!!!!

i was telling people about it yesterday, and i don't even know any of you.
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