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Add me to the DL......

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thats it.... it finally happened... i never thought those "everybody wrecks their bike" saying would come true to me... i looped it in first gear.... bike went flying i went sliding

-whoever said u can't loop it in 1st lies
-carbon fiber on teh gloves work
-shogun no-cuts snap off
-i'm an idiot

i know i should be grateful b/c i have no broken bones and i still have my life to live...
needless to say i've learned many lessons..... :confused

... i'm gunan throw away the shirt i was wearing... it's coincidentally been worn all 2 times i previously dropped my bike(at a standstill) and it was worn when i accidentally did an Endo to save my life from an idiot car...

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sounds like solacerye's experience. hope everything on the bike is ok as well.
SOrry to hear bro! We need to see pics! (if you have any)
Sorry to hear it. Glad you had your gear on.
glad your ok.

also can't believe someone tlod you you can't loop it in first gear. I have looped every thing i have ever owned (except the 03 knock on wood) in first gear.
Can't loop it in 1st? :roll:

When I took the MSF new rider course, some lady looped one of the Nighthawk 250's that we were using. Pinned the throttle, dumped the clutch. That thing went FLYING out from under her. Funny as hell.
Glad to hear you made it out alright. That's all that matters.
RockyR6 said:
Can't loop it in 1st? :roll:

When I took the MSF new rider course, some lady looped one of the Nighthawk 250's that we were using. Pinned the throttle, dumped the clutch. That thing went FLYING out from under her. Funny as hell.
lol this is why they should video tape msf classes.
sorry if they're too big.

can you guess where the slider used to go???

headlight is cracked, can't see it tho

you see on the tip of the screw that it actually stripped out(chunk on end of screw).

the bike lifted, became completely upright, tilted to the right, hit the cantip, jerked to the left, subsequently landing flat onto the slider and fairings, bike still had rotating momentum and did slide on the upper portion of the front fairing just above and behind the headlight.... thats my guess
i didn't see it happening all i remember is opening my eyes and i was sliding FAST and facing the opposite direction i was traveling... i managed to turn around sw the bike slide to a complete stop 20 feet away...
i automatically popped up and ran to it and lifted- started(it was in 3rd gear?!?!) and had to feather it to a side street.

while i was lifting my bike, there was this guy yelling at me, he was across the street laughign and shit.... that kinda bothered me because WTF :cuss i just wiped out.... but woe was me: the life of a biker :moon
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Sorry about the bike. The important part is that you weren't seriously injured. What gear were you wearing? Do you have any pictures of the post-crash gear?

:321 to the guy who was laughing...
First off sorry to hear about the bad news. Has anyone had a simailar experience with Cut Frame Sliders?? I wondered how well those no cuts would work.

Some good news is that you can find tons of replacement farings on E-Bay. You can get a whole new set; but it only looks like you need the left side stuff.
glad you are okay. seems like you could laugh at the situation now. well looks like just cosmetic stuff, fairings, cover, turn signal and your pipe. it still adds up though. look at the bright side, now you have an excuse to get an aftermarket slip on, flush mounts and some billet case covers. not to mention some new frame sliders.
Don't waste your money on another set of "no-cuts", as you know now
they're junk. Basically they're only for looks, if your bike falls on them
with any kinda momentum they just snap off. Too bad you had to learn
that the hard way though....

sorry to hear about your fall... learn the hard way and you'll learn. :mrgreen:
That does suck. And you got off easy. Looping a wheelie often = big injuries. Definitely burn the shirt.
as a fellow rider that has gone down let me say glad to hear you came out ok on your fall. one good thing is it seems your bike aint hurt to bad so you can repair the bike and keep ridin
The important thing is that you're okay. It's been said a million times: "A bike can be replaced; your life can't".

You're from san jose? hit me up bro! If your bike is still working running.

sorry to read about this..

MAIN THING is you're alright !!!
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