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Advancing the sport. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My life at home consists of reading posts and the good advice that is given in the R6 Forum.i know that not all of you are interested in the stunt world but like it or not it is growing by leaps and bounds in a way that i have never seen ever. With the support of several friends and stunt teams in my area I will be composing a letter and sending it to the people at the X-Games asking them to consider Stunt Riding as one of the competitions at the X-Games. I am asking for the support of The R6 Forum to be included in the letter. I will also be asking for the support of other forums and i will have the letter signed by the stunt teams and friends of mine. it will be set up like a petition but it will mean that the letter is supported by all the forums listed, and all the signatures on the letter.

What i am asking from you is obviously for your support and ideas to be included in the letter.

also the letter will be typed and mailed not e-mailed.

thanks in advance.
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