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Here is my opinion after putting several hundred road miles and one track day on these wheels.

If you are riding on the street, even with spirited riding, the cost vs benefit makes no sense. Stay stock.

If you track, I see value, but with some caveats.

The lighter wheels allow for faster acceleration and deceleration, and for rapid lean angle changes such as in a chicane. It was in the chicane on this particular track which was previously a bit of a challenge to run the perfect line, that I could now nail the line every time (in that particular series, not the whole track :). I felt I was on a completely different bike from stock. So much easier to get the bike to rapidly change lean angle from side to side.

However, the bike will also feel different in some unsettling ways, to me at least. The reduced gyroscopic force reduces some stability, which I felt most significantly driving out of corners. The front felt way less directionaly stable.

Would I do it again?

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