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This is the 3rd day of me working on my bike after my accident. So far ive realized that
1. This shit isnt easy *****
2. Working in an apartment building garage isnt the best place for this stuff.
3. Do not mess with electricity ......

So i was fixing up my after market indicators on the front and i think i might have mixed up the wires or the 2 might have touched :S and now none of my electrics work...no horn,no lights, no flashers and everything was working before this... anyone know what happened or how this can be solved ? is it a simple fuse or am i ****ed ?

ok so if i get that sorted out i have to hook up my integrated tail light. There are 3 wires comming out the tail light pic :

and there are 2 different kinds of wires comming out of the bike that go to the back of the bike. pic :

and behind these ones is

And my last problem is my front master cylinder which got knocked off the bike when i went down....and i think it broke the pipe that goes into the rubber pipe that goes into the cylinder. confusing but i have pics :

I am sorry if iam bombarding questions but i hate to take my bike to a dealership. So freaking expensive and it sucks being an international student and paying huge tuition as it is. I hope i can get shit done. Thanks guys.

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first off im gonna say if you know nothing about electricity, its gonna be very very difficult for you to do this without help.
Your electricals stopped working because you touched the wrong wires together and blew a fuse. Find the fuse in one of the fuse boxes, and replace it before you can move on, keep in mind any time you touch the wrong wires together and create a short, you will fry a fuse.. (better then the ECU RIGHT?) this is why i check , re-check, then re-re-check my wiring with a multimeter and make sure i understand exactly what is what before i test anything

Now, once the fuse is replaced, for the blinkers, you need to find a HOT 12v wire when the bike key is turned to the 'on' position, and that side blinker is turned on, this wire should be cold (no voltage) with the key in the 'off' position or when you turn off the blinker. Then you find the neutral, or ground wire, these would be the + and - you use for each front blinker.

For your rear, there will be a wire that is 12v with the key to the 'on' position at all time, that is the rear illumination wire, this keeps your rear light shining all the time with bike on, then you find the wire that only goes hot when you press a brake lever, this will be the wire that is used to light up your brake lights when either brake lever is pressed.
The last wire in the rear will be the neutral or ground wire for the brake light, it is shared for both the rear illumination and the rear brakes. If theres more wires they were probably used to power the license plate lights, just check their voltages, if they are always hot with key 'on' then yes they were used for the plate lights, you can just tape these wires off you dont really need more then the three i described, just splice into the rear illumination wire to power your license plate lights.

You test these wires by setting your multimeter to DC voltage, putting the + on the wire you are testing, and then putting the - onto an UNPAINTED PORTION OF YOUR FRAME.

Good luck..

with your master cylinder i cant see much in your pictures but it looks snapped, so you will most likely need to replace the entire master cylinder assembly up front.

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For the electrical, what Cheefa said was spot on.

It looks like some of your wiring has been modified, BTW. The two single wires in the first pic could be for your lic plate light...maybe They don't look factory. The white 3 wire plug is for the brake/tail light.

The gray and black plugs in your 2nd pic are your rear turn signal plugs (factory) and the two wires your holding with them look like the license plate light supply and ground wires.

The third pic, I can't really make out.

Test them as Cheefa instructed.

Now for the Master cylinder:
Yamaha does not sell that part individually. HOWEVER, Yamaha also does not make the master cyllinder. Brembo does. Other bikes use Brembo MC's and some parts are interchangeable. Take yours apart (see attached link). There is a small cover that you pry up. Below that is a snap ring and the connector comes out with its o-ring. Go to a Kawasaki or suzuki dealership and see if the have this part for a ZX-6R or a GSX-R (Pick a recent year, say 2007). See if they match up. If not, or the R6 one doesn't come apart the same way, what have you got to lose? Your only other option is to get another master cyllinder.

Here is a break down: Select Kawasaki, motorcycle then ZX-636D6F(2006), Then select Front Master Cyllinder:

Item 13159 is the connector, and the oring is item 92055. Total cost from Dillon Brother is $10 + shipping. At a dealership the cost will be about the same cuz you won't pay shipping.
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