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Well when i did my plugs i noticed my old filter is terrible, small chunks missing.. and very black, looks very very oiled.

I went with a cheap-o-filter for 25$, hopefully wont be to bad, the reviews i read all seem pretty good.
If anyone has experience with UNI filters please give me some insight..
I was wondering if it is ok to just use the old yamalube i have laying around or some fresh full synthetic amsoil, or do i need to use a filter specific oil?

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I run UNI filters on my dirt bike all the time...great filters

Ive never fun one on my 6 though so I couldnt give you any feedback...
Uni in the dirt is good, but I like the TwinAir over them....

As for Uni on the 6....no idea bro. I trust BMC, not that it matters.

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Uni is a cool filter. It does the job. You can relax now.
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