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Hey I Was Wondering What You Guys Think About The Akrapovic Full Racing Exhust? I Have A 2006 R6 And I Am Not Happy With The Stock Sound. I Feel Like I Can Hear The Engine Noise More Than The Exhust. I Would Also Like To Eleminate The Cat So I Want To Go With A Full System. Money Is Not A Problm I Just Want A Good Sound. Any Ideas?
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money is not a problem, man i wish i was rich like you!

but personally i've heard the leo vince, sounds SICKKKKKKKK
umm if u want deeper sound just get a slip on for sure saves on the wallet, but if u are definitely gonna track it and get full usage, mean full exhaust and power commander then do the full exhaust. if not slip ons work great with sound and little better performance.
im pretty sure the cat comes off anyway with a full system. go with the graves or akra full titanium system. ****en sick!!! i'm currently saving....
Eliminating the slip-on HARDLY changes the slip-on. Dont waist your $$ on one. Get a full system.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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