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This weekend has been an eyeopener for me. After working a terrible shift noon to midnight on friday, I came home, got into bed for about 2 minutes and received a phone call from a friend I had not spoken to in about a year. The news he told me, coming from this source, I thought was borderline sick/practical joke. well, it wasn't.

I lost a best friend at just after midnight, saturday morning. single bike accident, just wanted to hear his new slip-on. Troopers dont know exactly what happened. We know that he never shifted out of first gear. The bike and his helmet were about 150 feet away, and the bike was in fourth gear.

PLEASE all, be safe. This is a horrific loss in my life, and a significant one in the entire rider community, ride smart guys.

I don't know how much interest there would be, but we are getting some memorial stickers made up, I know none of you knew him, and like I said i understand that there might not be much interest. If anyone wants one, PM me.

be safe all.

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Wow...sorry to hear that. I lost the guy that introduced me to biking 2 months ago. It's tough and it isn't fair, but it seems to happen anyway. I would be more than happy to sport a memorial sticker in memory of him. When it comes to biker's deaths, we people stick together.

Keep your head up and be happy that he didn't suffer much, and he went out doing something he loved.
Dam - Sorry to hear about your friend and I hope thing get better for you and yours...

Think I am done riding for a while...

Sometimes you have to look @ yourself and the things you do and the chances you take and think about.. Is it really worth it...
well I'll let you guys know who ever is interested, send me your address and I'll get it out. This guy wouldnt want anyone to stop, in fact he call us a bunch of p****s lol!

and yes, he went out with a fistful of throttle, im sure exactly what he would have prefered.
Damn...sorry for your loss bro. I always feel a sense of loss when a fellow rider goes down. My prayers are with you and his family.
sorry about your loss bro godspeed him to heaven
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