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This happend in HAWAII so just dont mind the grammar (pidgin) and street names.. i posted this on a different forum but didnt want to link it..

Here's another one for the books....
about 10:15 pm. today April 29,2003

I was turning from Kapiolani into Piikoi when all of a sudden this squad car flashes his blue lights and pulled me over...I pulled over turned off everything..

Me: Good evening, What's the problem officer? (with surprised face because i dont really know why i got pulled over..)

Officer: You know why i pulled you over?

Me: No.

Officer:You know what caught my attention?

Me: (Shaking my head) No.

Officer: You know you got one burned head light.

Me: (Trying really really really really hard not to get off my bike roll over and laugh) Uhmmmm ... No i don't ..

Officer: (in a kinda mad tone) One of your headlight is out.!

Me: (still keeping my laugh inside the helmet) Uhmmmm No. (I have a 03 R6 so left side is for low beam the right is for Highbeam which is off.)

Officer:(Goes in front of me and points at the highbeam) That headlight is out. you know you can get into an accident because of that?

Me: (explaining) Thats my highbeam (starts motor to turn on headlights) see.. this is my low beam and this is my highbeam ..this is my low beam this is my high beam..(flipping switches). Thats how yamaha made them.

Officer: (starts to lock his arms on his chest to cover his name and badge because i was looking at it) But you know why i really pulled you over? (changing topic)..

Me: (trying to see his name and badge number, in which i saw and remembered) ...

Officer: You made a wide turn from kapiolani.

Me: (what?!?) I turned from kapiolani into the second lane from the right because i there was a car parked 20 yards in the first lane and changed one lane at a time till i get to the second lane from the left side. (pointing to my blinkers) that's why i still have my blinkers on.

Officer: (Cluess or thinking) Uhhmmm.. But You know what caught my attention? <---yep same f$#@ing question..

Me: (Irritated ..) What now?!?

Officer: You was revving..you were hard on your throttle.

Me: (F$%k this shit, his just trying to give me ticket!! come on give me) .. I was NOT .. i always get off the clutch at about 2500 to 3000 rpm in first gear (my idle is 1000 rpm)

Officer: Ohh you was revving ..

Me: (fucking irritated) No i was not..

Officer: Yes you were ..You know we're cutting on speeders.. (I was going at around 25-30 mph when i made my turn form kapiolani from a STOP)

Me: (calmed a little.. deep breath) I start clutching out from 1st gear at about 3000 rpm. im not revving.

Officer: see that's too much.. you don't clutch out at 3000 rpm...i used to ride bikes to you know so no lie..

Me:(deep breathing is not helping..) .. FOR CARS .. YEAH IT"S PROBABLY TOO MUCH BECAUSE SOME CARS REDLINE IS ABOUT 9000.. BUT MY Bike's redline is at 15500 rpm and since smaller motor..

Officer: (cuts me off ) Im keeping you on this bike for now.. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...

Me: Whatever.. (started my bike and split.)

Good thing he didn't go about RECON (about my highmount micron) ... damn i would beg for a recon ticket from him..

He didn't even checked my license,registration, insurance .. tsk tsk tsk..what kind cop is that..

I got his name and badge number ..

What a night..

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damm what a dumm ass cop :stupic :stupic :stupic :stupic .. thank god he didnt ask for recon sticker :cuss for you other mods i use to get hit up alot on my truck since it was dropped for recon sticker... :stupic

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yeah .. RECON ( Reconstruction Inspection) only applies to cars.. bike owners are free to change pretty much whatever they want.

YES some other dumb cop gave a friend of mine a recon ticket for his aftermarket exhaust.. he went to court .. judge threw out the case even before my friend said anything.. even apologoze to him because of a stupid ticket..

yo yeah..

Just keep the rubbah side down bruddah...

hey dave u in oahu too?

looking for more curves
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rjgwaping - sorry about your run in w/ the man... I thought i was going to get nailed the other day.... but he passed twice and didn't come after me...

Anyways... glad to hear that you got out of everything. And that is a great picture you have in your signature....(i'm sure that I spelled that wrong..)
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