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1/2 Off Alpinestar GP Plus Gloves!

Ok, long story short. I've been stuck with some gloves that don't fit, and here they are for sale...

The gloves look good but I don't believe they are authentic A* gloves. They might be, but the quality is off (the finger stiching is folded inside-out, and the leather feels thinner than other A*) so I will say they are not just in case.

These are XL in size but also a little larger than my other XL A* gloves, I would say these fit more like XXL. The carbon fiber looks legit and the gloves are sewn good.

The main problem I have with them is they just don't fit me otherwise I would keep them. They should sell for @ $159.99 but because of my suspisions and the fact that I need to sell them in order to get the right size. I am looking to get $80.00 + shipping.

They have been put on but have no riding time, these gloves are brand new! The pictures show the gloves well, including the tags that came on them in the same bag. This is how they will be sent out (just in a box, of course).

***Mods: Yoda gave me early permission to post a sale thread. Thanks!***

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they are not authentic A* gloves.
i got the same pair off ebay, and i spotted they were fakes right away.
they are back up gloves now.

the biggest give away is the wrist straps are wrong, one side is supposed to say one vision, the other should say one goal.
even the real ones have the finger tip stitching on the outside for comfort tho.

i will say tho, they are pretty well made and fit good, but i was still pissed i got some counterfeit gloves....
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