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America runs on Dunkins haha

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Soo went to my first las this morning got out a little early. and was like damn wish i had a coffee for my next class. (i was still rather sleepy)
So i mount up and head about 1/4-1/2 mile straight shot down the road to DD's and i grab a med hot coffee.
Well needless to say i have ole betsy and im doing the one hander second gear down the road with a rolling walking start to slip the clutch.
And momentarily i was back in the motorcycle parking at school and the DPW workers and the cop that was on duty just stared at me as i pulled in and laughed when i parked and placed the coffee on the ground.

But all and all im awake now and have a delicious French Vanilla Coffee by myside for class now!
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there is a dunkin donuts on every other corner here in RI
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