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Angling Down your Brake anc Clutch Levers

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My friend's CBR 600rr and the Kawasaki zx-6r I rode this past weekend both have brake and clutch levers that are angled down lower than parrallel. So they're pretty much pointed down toward the ground. I remember meeting a few guys at the local bike shop, and they told me that moving them down was more comfortable and more ergonomic and all that.

When I rode the kawasaki, though, it felt weird. Like I was reaching further to get at the brake and clutch. I'm figuring this is more of a track thing, but can't see how this can be a benefit for anyone unless you have long fingers. Anybody else have their levers angled down?
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I angled my clutch lever down, i couldn't go very far though, the keeper for the adjustment started to hit my clip on bracket, any suggestions? the amount i did move it helped but would like to move it more. kinda got some big hands.
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