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What puck do you use/prefer?

  • Aluminum

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • Plastic

    Votes: 10 83.3%
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Taking a vote here

Frame sliders offer 2 types of sliders:
Aluminum and Plastic

Which 1 do you think is better?
Why? Do you have expirience with either? or better yet both(For those not so lucky ones heh)

Woodcraft sells both plastics and aluminums.

As for my vote:
I have aluminum ones and although i have never tested them(thankfully), to my understanding, aluminum has less of a chance messing up internals and mounting areas due to the fact that aluminum is better at taking the fall then plastic.

Although both transfer vibrations, aluminum has a better tendency to absorb shock.

As for sliding, im not sure.

Voice your thoughts, and take a vote.


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Aluminum is a metal used primarily for weight attributes, never for strength. Anodized, aircraft grade etc, etc. Always only for weight. I think buying sliders, you're already compromising on aero-dynamics, why other saving weight at the expense of the very function the slider is meant to serve - holding up under friction, forward momentum and the mass of the bike? IMO the mass of the bike + motion vector at speeds beyond 20mph is too much for Aluminum. Decent plastic would last long, without the drama of sparks and sh*t. Just hope the plastic is not too soft ... I've seen a lot of bouncing bikes :lmao

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seems like the aluminum sliders will make some pretty cool sparks...put together with the r6's gas tank..possibly a pretty cool explosion

i have delrin sliders
Aluminum doesnt spark.....

i have plastic sliders on my bike, but im changing them out for woodcraft case covers that have an aluminum slife pad on them, but they dont hang out like frame sliders do.
sliders have a tendency of causing more harm than good at the track, a bike that normally would have just slid catches the curb on the slider and starts flipping the bike over.
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