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:) another r6 in the 9's

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well went out on my buddies R6 last night for test and tune night and 2nd pass pulled out a 9 so happy...

06 R6
-1 +2 525, Full Yosh pipe, PC3 with just a map off the disc, no air filter, stretched about 6.5", lowered and strapped, and a air shifter....and a slippin clutch....fixin that before we go out again.

not to shabby for only being the 2nd time ridin that bike at the track....good bit different from my stock length bike
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Nice runs bro! What tire pressure did you run?
and you only have the stuff mentioned above??? Damn bro that time is insane for a six :)
the pic of me on the bike is from last week not last night....we had the pegs and mirrors off last night but for got the camera.

jsut figured id put a pic up of the bike i know how yall like that.

we ran the same setup but with the stock air filter in and the best we did was a 10.19 after 8 passes....pulled it out last night 1st run 10.0 2nd was the 9
Hmmmmm kinda fishy i dont know imma give him a better opprotunity to explain it better...cause to be honest with you the upgrades that are on that bike i would say maybeeee 10.8 on a good night not no high 9 who knows maybe im wrong...
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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