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penfold said:
dave said:
hahah no [email protected] .. i almost got scammed at school to ones .. some home dude was trying to sell some good speakers for real cheap .. i was like let me see them take them out the box so he did .. i asked him to open the box so i can see the pictures he was like naah i i snapped it open anyways .. jackass put alittle cement inside the box to give it the weight of an actual speaker box .. man that was some shady stuff there .. sad thing is some dudes bought like 4 hahah suckers ..
ya, some dude tried to do that to me in college. he sat in the parking lot of a bank and as people went to the ATM, he hit them with "hey, i work at this stereo shop in Lancaster and my boss loaded an extra pair of speakers into the van and doesn't know it. they're worth $800 but I'll let you have them for $50". and try as he might to convince that is was just a mere oversight on his bosses part, i wasn't going for it. besides, the dude was in some like 70's hick van that had no logo or shit on it and h was supposed to be from some big stereo shop? nikka please!
Those guys you speak of are all over the world.
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