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Any review of Arai Vector?

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I have tried several Arai helmets and found Vector to be the most comfortable. Does anyone have it and can give a review of it?

This is the one I want to get: Arai Vector Shogun

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i have the arai vector camo and i like it alot!
I have the Arai Vector. I tried on a ton of lids before I bought this and I am glad I went with it. It fits my head really well and the liner is super comfy (best I have felt, even compared to more expensive lids). :fact

Its surprisingly light and the vents seem to do a good job. Everyone complains about the visor system and yeah its a bit of a pain in the ass but I am never going to need to change visors in a hurry so its a non issue for me, so long as the thing stays on when its supposed to!

If it fits your head (and thats the most critical part) then you wont go wrong with an Arai, I cant see myself ever changing brands when I know these fit me so well....

Here are a couple of reviews I found on the web...


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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