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anyone else having fedex problems?

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i ordered a new visor for my shark helmet and first they said it was going to be here on the 14th now its changed to the 17th and as far as i can tell from the tracking the visor is still in kansas. anyone else having problems with them right now?
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i never had problems with any of the shipping companies, at least not yet.
but it happened a few times where the item came earlier than it was supposed to.
Its because of all the flooding in the midwest... All my shipments and orders are being re routed. I did get something in today though, just allow for extra time when the middle of the country is in distress.
just for the record I HATE FEDEX

they drop my packages off in my apartment office and don't tell me!! when theres no signature required they leave it outside my apartment i don't know how many packages have been stolen from my friggin doorstep UPS keeps it then tries to deliver it for three consecutive days and then if i miss it i can go to the UPS depot and pick it up until 1100 at night and their tracking numbers actually work like they're supposed to

end rant
i was supposed to have my gloves today!! but it got changed to the 18th...wtf

i ordered from new enough, and motorcycle superstore...same day, within 10 minutes of each other
i got my stuff from motorcycle superstore early last week
hmm, well i just double checked, its in sac and should be here tomorrow. lunchbox where in norcal are you?
hmm, well i just double checked, its in sac and should be here tomorrow. lunchbox where in norcal are you?
susanville california..
80 miles north of reno
Haven't been stateside for a while, but when I was - FedEx express saver was my best friend, cheap as hell and almost always came a day or sometimes even two days early. But must admit - even in NYC, they did have a bad habit of leaving sh!t on the doorstep, but I never lost anything cause my neighbor always picked it up immediately afterwards.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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