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Anyone else still waiting for blue flame?

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Dam its been 5 weeks now since I ordered my Blue flame. I don't know how much longer I can take the pain........I knew it would take a while to get it. I talked to Hammy the other day and he said the end of next week he should recieve some more. anyone else here of the last who got their orders in b4 the rights got sold?

shouldn't be too much longer :hammer
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Yea I'm still waiting for mine. I got the same pipe and hope to have it soon. I keep callin hammy to see what the status is on the pipes and he assures me they're comin. This waitin sh!t suxs.
Ordered mine about a week ago. They said it's gonna be about a 6 week wait. I want it now!!!!
Blueflame are poor for delivery times and their customer service is appualing. I would never deal with them again, and don't really want to put their pipe on my bike anymore, except they've already got my money.
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