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anyone have the -1/+2 setup?

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i have a -1 with stock 45t in rear...i wanna go to a 47t rear. does anyone have the -1/+2 and is it still easy to ride on the street? hard to keep down? and how off is your speedo? and if i wanted to could i still rip the corners without it trying to come up?
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In first and second gear about half throttle and up it wont stay on the ground. Still easy to ride on the street because theres not a ton of low end power. But my +2 is also a 50 so I dont know if it would be that different. And at 59 im doing 50 (im pretty sure)
Tons of people have the -1/+2

The front comes up if you want it too....good throttle control and you're fine. Speedo is off about 15% (mine). Yes you can still do corners no problem without goin wild
well id like to actually go to a 48 in the back so i match the 03-05R6 /06-08 R6S but i dont want to be able to not keep the mutha f'er on the ground
what are the performance gains? my friends say that ill get more bottom end but after first gear ill have nothing...so where would this help me out?
Your sigs a liiitle big.

That kind of sucks about the 1st and 2nd gear not staying down. I like hammering it through 2nd...but knowning it won't stay down kinda sucks
yeah x2 ^^
It will stay down until you hit about 11-12k rpms. Found that out as I was standing at about 12 oclock and ready to shit myself lol.
Your sig is WAY too big!
I ride my 06 w/ -1 +2 in the street and at the track.
If you wanna go faster, the front is eventually gonna rise. I have no problems w/ unwanted or unexpected wheelies. The 06+ has no balls down low and regearing is a great fix for that problem. The advantage of this regearing will continue through every gear.
that and your bike is lowered, that keeps it down tremendously... I dont find my front coming up unless i want it to, maybe you have a control issue...

This is a good mod for any gear, it wakes the bike up...
no probs with -1+2 setup. my front end'll come up through second no problem if i want it to, want it to being the key point. only thing you'll find about regearing is your top speed is reduced but getting up there is so much quicker. get a speedo healer, i'm about 10% off with my setup. my buddy has got an 06 gsxr 750 with a slip on, and my 04 r6 with gearing, pc3 and exhaust takes him no problem until we hit about 140ish. just remember that most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the seat to the handlebars as my friend says...
I ordered a speedohealer with my 520 kit, but i'm deffinetely regretting it now. How can you quickly accelerate if the front end is always coming up?
I ordered a speedohealer with my 520 kit, but i'm deffinetely regretting it now. How can you quickly accelerate if the front end is always coming up?
learn how hard you can push it and at what point you need to lay off the throttle to keep the front end down... my bike doesnt lift unless i want it to lift, its all about learning the bike and throttle control.
It should accellerate fast without as much throttle. Thats the point of what your doing isn't it? So you can still go fast you just have to re-learn your throttle control and shift points.
well, looks like i will be buying this little setup then. unfortunately i just blew my check away on other stuff, new gloves, visors for my helmets, pointless stuff. yes i know my sig is too big ill fix that. and my bike is only lowered for the dragstrip. went 10.91 @ 125 mph with a real bad launch and horrible 60 ft. if its not at the strip...its stock height so i can rip the curves
Well I kind of jumped the gun on ordering it. Most of the reviews from the 99-02 people say it's the best mod you can do. I know when I gun the throttle in 1st and 2nd the forks raise up a bit but the tire doesn't get off the ground that much. I hope I don't 12've it
I finally got mine installed...

pulls crazy hard from the bottom. I'm having to learn how to shift again, and the front comes up a bit easier but not OMG I'M GOIGN TO 12 MYSELF hard.

The bike deffinetely feels a lot faster and you will not be the wheelie king if you're into just normal riding or hauling ass. If you have an 99-02, DO IT. But get teh speedohealer for sure...the amount it's off is ridiculous
but i wanna be the wheelie king!!!!
to those that installed it themselves, how long did it take you to install it?
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