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A bit new to the R6 2008+ and was wondering if some of you track guys have some geometry numbers and spring rates you willing to share.

Current set up I have:
175lb butt naked.

Ohlins 30mm kit w/ 160mm oil height
.95 springs
Ride height 5mm showing of fork tube

Ohlins TTX
Dont remember the exact spring rate but was purchased new and set up for my weight.
Ride height is stock Ohlins out of the box, didnt touch it 293mm eye to eye and removed the shim/spacer due to running a 190/60.

Did a track day this past weekend and here is what I noticed.
Front almost bottoming out, very very close, no room for ohh shit moments. But front felt good all around. Maybe need a rate up in spring.

Now the rear was a bit of a problem. I felt some slippage in the beginning as in wanting to wash out on me. Went to the tuner and got 100 times better. However I feel it can be improved since I was holding back a bit cause still had the feeling but not as much.

So was wondering if raising the rear ride height might help or????

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is this a dunlop ama spec gpa rear tire? if so, just embrace the slippage and (in my humble opinion) there is no reason you or anyone should be using those tires, unless you are at an AMA race (where everyone will be on that tire) or are at a track day/race just prior to an ama race to get a baseline set up to run those things. There are much better tires for not much more $.

How old are the tiers, using warmers i assume and you are running the correct pressure ?

ask your tuner what the least amount of air space you can have in the forks, and add 5ml of oil at a time. Oil level is what controls the bottoming. You could add preload to the forks, but that will just have it ride higher in the stroke more of the time, but you will still bottom occasionally.
Also, HOW do you know you are bottoming more than you should? if you have a rubber ring or thin zip ties that are near the bottom, are you sure that it isn't getting to the bottom on one single hard hit or corner?
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