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Are Intergrator Kits Illegal in CA?

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Anybody know if Integrator kits are illegal in California or where I can find information on bike laws in ca?
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I see it this way. If they say they are illegal, then how can most trailers have combo turn signal/brake lights? Have you ever seen a trailer with independent signals and brakes? Some cars even have intergrated lights...

If your worried about either don't do it, or use hand signals when/if you see a cop.

Now I just need enough $ to get some..

It is illegal. Some one posted the offical document a while back. Most of the time, they won't bother. They only pull you over (when they are in a bad mood) in places that have high rate of accident to discourage motorcycles from traveling through there, i.e. Crest, Ortega...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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