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Axle stand...Need help.

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Ok guys, heres my deal.
When i picked up the 6, i managed to score one of those center type stands like some of you have that lift the back wheel...he just threw it in. Thing is, i dont think its even for this bike...but i dont see an issue with that really. How do they work though? Is there pins you put in each side of the hollow rear axle bolt? Whats the deal, i havent really seen how they work yet. Id really like to be able to use it since it was free, and i can get that chain side of the rim clean!!! Anyone got a nice picture, or a good explanation, that would rock. Thanks guys!
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there are 2 types of stands. spooled and non-spooled for the rear. the spooled stands work by lifting the bike up by spools that are threaded into exisitng holes in the swing arm. non-spooled stands work by lifting the bike up by the swingarm but having some kind of bar that cames out and goes under the swingarm. both work by getting the ends of the stands into position, then pushing down on the handle. the wheels on the bike will move forward (as the part that lifts the spools or the swingarm holds onto the bike) and then the rear tire will lift up and then stand will sit on the ground. the stands have a built in lean angle to them so that the tire sits a little back over the stand itself for stability and so it doesn't fall forward on off the stand. most of that angle comes from the difference in the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the edge of the stand that rests on the ground but some have uprights that are bent back to start with.

non-spooled stand.......

spooled stand.........

how the spool works with the stand and a close up view of a spool.

spools themselves.......
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