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back from the superbike school

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I just got back from the Keith Code superbike school. man are those guys and gals terrific.

Last year I rode their 636's, the first sport bike I ever got on! in any case here is a pic. nothing too exciting, but cool none the less.

For some reason I am having problems getting the elbow out and he upper body down, other than that things went well.

Before the critics reply, I was looking where I was going even though it does not look like it.

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Looks good to me. Congrats on completing the school.
I hope someday to be able to go to that school. I've been racing a while (I used to anyway) but I would love to get schooled by those guys.
cool do they have that school in cali

plz give me some info. about that

i wish i had the chance to go to that school. the only thing stopping me is $$$$$.

sweet i'm lookin into goin down there next summer sometime...hopefully my parents will send me as a college graduation present...i think that would be awesome...looks like you were havin a good time
how much is that course anyways?
congrats man. i'm jelious i want to take their class.

a hint on the elbows and getting down low is relax the outside hand. in turns it shouldn't be doing anywork. only use the inside hand for pressure on the bars. if you don't, your left and right hand will be fighting for dominence if you relize it or not.

talks about it in here i think.

i've read that article before and it is one of the best ones i've read.
OCboy03R6 said:
that second pic is the new 05 r6...

i raced some kid that had one. let me tell you those things are fast. i'm gunna give my 03 to my g/f and get a 05 :cheers
i went to the CA superbike school at the streets of willow. best $700 i ever spent...
thanks guys. the school is pricey, but the instruction is great. I can only speak for these guys, they impressed the hell out of me.

I'm sure all the schools are good , I have a hard time believing most of them are as well structured as the superbikeschool.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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