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Hey guys! I’m fairly new to this forum so I apologize for any bad thread knowledge.

anyways, I’ve got 02’ Yamaha r6 that I bought off a marketplace just over a month ago.
Just recently I tuned the carb for the first time since factory in hopes that the bike would idle better because it was running rather rich after doing so we killed the battery from starting it multiple times to test the idle and throttle. Turns out the battery was dead dead, likely from age so after replacing the battery and getting it running we found that it was horribly idling, along w a backfire from the exhaust just at idle, a ticking from the right side of the engine like a knock (never once knocked before hopefully we’ll get that issue solved) after going through the whole bike to find anything we may have tweaked wrong we found that the oil was slightly over filled, clutch fibers were running thin and the rear tire was spinning w clutch pulled in and in gear which could be from the overfilled oil wearing on the clutch horrible acceleration almost as if I’m only getting half the power I should be. Futhermore, giving it throttle the battery drops in voltage from 13.7-8 at idle to 13.3 with 4k revs or so which leaves me to believe that the rectifier/regulator might also be bad. Anyoe had any of these things happen?? I’m completely lost because I can’t see how a dead battery and carb jetting could cause a knocking, clutch issues, horrible idle and acceleration. At the moment I’m looking into possibly replace the r/r and stator so I don’t kill the new battery, changing out the oil and seafoaming the crank case to clean out any residual oil from the previous owner and trying to tune the carb back to the way it was with it still idling not great before it’s still better than it is now, also possibly going to rebuild clutch (never done that before, advice?)
Overall I’m at a hard stop with what to do about the bike or where to begin or what might have caused these issues with just a simple car tuning and battery replacement. Any advice, help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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