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here is my oddyssey on a battery:

here is what i emailed to them.

I appreciate the great customer service. Before I bought the battery I requested a time of the delivery and even on a Saturday you promptly answered that it will be delivered to my house 7-10 business days after I buy it. I ordered the battery 19 April, I waited for ten days and gave you the benefit of may be its shipping fault. So I emailed a few times since a 4 days have passed, however I did not get that same prompt response before laid my credit card. So I called to my surprise someone picked up the phone. So there was a problem the manufacturer were back ordered!! But you assure me it will be at my house the 2th of may. I did what I had to do wait.... so 5th of may comes I get an email saying it just left from PA and "will have tracking tomorrow". It’s the 9th of may oh god 7 freaking days right? what's the big deal? Well the car is my daily driver, not everyone has a great job like yours deleting customer emails, hanging up on people and able to afford an extra car.

I also appreciate the continuous call forwarding to phones that no one picks up, that was a very entertaining hour for me. But best of all I am glad that I tried calling way before your closing time and of course after 15 minutes of calling back because no one answers I get an air head on the phone which is his first sentence is " we are closed" hey did I mention I have been calling about 1 hour prior to your closing. But that’s not the icing so I responded by a short request of I only want to know the tracking number. And I receive a great answer of the sound of the phone being hung up. And I thought great customer service is gone, I also am glad that how your company stuck to your words of 7-10 days and gave me the heads up on the changes of the delivery time.

Thank you again I will recommend you to all of my friends, I hope you see my letter of appreciation all over the internet.

-- satisfied customer


I still want that battery and tracking number.
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