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Battery Tender?

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Does anyone use a battery-tender to maintain a charge? Just replaced my battery...$125 bucks...whooaaa :cuss

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im going to be using one. probly stickin to the book and doing it once a month for about 2 months, just leave it on for 24 hours then take it off again for a month.
I have one, for 28 bucks it's good assurance, plus I wanted it for storage
yup! Use it a few times a year if I know it will be more than a few weeks before I ride.
I use this one from sears. Works great, haven't had a problem with it yet. Think it was $24 at local store.

It has also come in handy as a little 12V power source when building small current circuits (like messing with LEDs) on my dining room table. :mrgreen:
got one from Wally World and we use it all the time.....use it on the CJ, the CBR and all the other cars if we know we aren't going to be using them for extended periods of time....
a good investment for those that dont ride everyday.
very good investment...use it on the bike and boat
I have one for sale, made by DelTran I will send you info if you want. Looking to get $50 shipped its brand new in packaging and will post pics if needed. I bought it, then got same one for Christmas. If anyone is interested I will send pics and details, ill be posting soon in the FS section also.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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