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Hi, been trauling this forum for a couple months now after picking up my R6 in August.
I have been riding for about 12years but this is my first SS
I have ridden 4 track days previously on my current road bike (Yamaha XJ6S)
whilst this bike I bought purely with the intention of it being a track bike
...(so I can relaz and push myself a little harder on track, without damaging my road bike)

Sunday was my first day on my R6 (Rocket Ricer)
Track day out at Mallala, South Australia
Wow, such a difference in power delivery than my XJ6S!

After initial nerves in first session, having not actually ridden the bike more than a few laps around my back yard.

2nd session was getting familiar with the different riding position

3rd session I realised I was only using about 40 -50% of the throttle, HOLY F*&%#!
...the fun really does begin above 10k rpm, esp when redline is around 15,500rpm

4th session my best lap was 1:33.83

5th session my best lap was 1:31.23

Overall what a blast! maybe time to move into the next ride group:cool:
only had a few "Oh shit" moments, but thankfully no embarrasing or dangerous to others/ self events
My first time ever reaching the edge of my tyres too!
...whilst I know I have a lot of technique to practice on this bike
for starters I need to practice getting off the bike more (hang off alot further)

anyways some shots a friend took with my camera

tyres scrubbed in

morning tea break
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