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Best site to buy jackets from?

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Hi, I live in Australia, and with the Aussie dollar on a high and the US dollar on a low, It would be best if I could import some gear.

I'm looking to buy a new jacket, can anyone recommend me some US websites that I can check out?

Sorry if this has been posted, I skimmed through the first page and couldn't see anything.

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try ebay. make sure you know your size though.
Good luck. I always buy stuff like that locally.
You might want to go to a local dealer and get the sizes. Try www.kneedraggers.com Cheapest I found for my Joe Rocket Yamaha jacket. However, you could mention to the local place that you found the exact same jacket online and see if they'll beat them.
Which brands are you looking at?
Was looking at getting some Alpine Star gear. I went into a local shop and tried on some jackets, looks like I'm a size 42US.

Just to give you guys some insight, An average Alpine star jacket here costs around $700+.
you might wanna check out motosport.com they seem to have the best deals around. i just picked up an alpinestar smk jacket for 349.00 with no tax and free 2 day shipping. considering its 399.00 plus tax everywhere else they seem to beat anybody's price
for alpinestars go to www.sportbiketrackgear.com and use discount code "Alpinestar" for 15% off listed price when purchasing.
try www.ironpony.com ...i got a ridiculous deal on a leather teknic jacket, they had some kinda closeout prices and i got a $300+ brand new jacket for $120...i couldnt belive it...im not sure if they still have any in stock but check em out
NewEnough.com has some pretty sick deals on all gear/hard parts.
their closeouts section is prime if you hit it at the right time.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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