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That's a hard question to answer because it's a very subjective thing. Some people prefer SC Project, some like Akro, some like Graves, and some people actually like Toce :laugh: .

My recommendation is to look at videos Youtube, there are plenty of them out there showing clips of what R6s sound like with different slip ons. The engine is pretty much the same for all generations of the R6, especially after 06'. So just do some googling and see which one you think sounds and looks the best to you.

However I've never watched a video online that has ever done an exhaust justice in how it actually sounds when you're standing next to it, but it's pretty close.

That being said, I feel like the most popular exhausts on this forum are Akro/Graves. But I personally have a GYTR and love it, and others have Two Bros., Yoshi, M4 etc, and I'm sure they think it's the best.

Looks wise I personally think the all carbon Yoshi slip on looks the coolest, but I've never heard one in person so I don't know if I'd like it over my GYTR. Good luck.
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