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Bike dropped, wont start...Help.

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A female friend of mine w/ an 06 R6 is a novice rider & the other day she hit a curb goin about 10-15mph making a right turn & laid it down a bit on the left side. Now it wont start. Whenever you turn on the ignition to on you can hear the fuel pump but when hit the start button all you hear is a clicking sound toward the rear of the bike. It clicks till you let go. Any help would be appreciated. just trying to help her out & i know what a good source of information forums are. Thanks.
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Is it correct that there is some sort of switch for neutral safety, or a switch on the kickstand? What would happen if they are inop? Would the symptoms be similar? And where are they located? battery connections look snug.
It was dropped on the left side. Im mechanically inlined myself but bikes are not really my thing. iv worked on trucks/cars & quads but the electronics & FI of a bike im not to fermiliar w/. Im just qurious when you say you would know if it was a kickstand switch issue how do you mean?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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