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bike for learning wheelies

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Ok, Ok......I know that there are tons of threads about "how to do wheelies". I've read so many of them that I can't see straight. It seems that most of them are aimed at people with more skill than I have.

I have limited cycle experience; a thousand miles or so on a cruiser many years ago and 1500 miles on my '08 R6 in the last month. I didn't ride when I was younger so I lost the opportunity to try stupid stuff when my bones were still made of rubber. Lots of guys learned wheelies on dirt bikes as kids. I never did, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage now (early 40s).

I'm convinced that trying to learn wheelies on my '08 R6 probably isn't the best idea. Perhaps trying to learn them at all (at my age and skill level) isn't the best idea to begin with. Nonetheless, I've considered buying an old beater, probably a dirt bike of some sort, because I've heard that they're way easier to wheelie. Something that I can take to a deserted field (softer than a parking lot), and when I dump it and tear it up it I won't have lost much.

So here's the question: what would be a good bike to buy JUST TO LEARN WHEELIES? I don't care if it won't do anything else (but good wheelies) and it doesn't even have to be street legal. I just want a cheaper and easier (and maybe safer) way to learn wheelies than on my new R6.

Any suggestions?
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Get a dirt bike, a used beater that you can drop over and over and not notice which mark is new. Practice clutchups on it, you will dump it, better than than your new 6. Brand doesn't matter, or size, you can wheelie an 85cc 2-stroke no problem.
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