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Bike idle issue

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What's going on guys? I'm having a little issue with my bike. So awhile back when I would take off in first gear, my bike would sound almost like a v-twin and would barely have power until I hit about 6000 RPM's, then the power would go to normal. It would do that every time I took off in first so my first thought was I needed to change the spark plugs. After I changed the plugs, it got alot better and it seemed like the problem was fixed. Well the other day I was riding, and after about 20 minutes out, I was at a light with my bike in neutral. It was idling around 1500 RPMs and every couple of seconds it would drop to 1000 RPMs and make a hum noise and then shoot back up to 1500 RPMs. It would lose a little power at takeoff but not nearly as bad as how it was before I changed my plugs. My only thought is maybe it is a fuel issue? I always put premium, never cheap gas so I'm really confused as to what this may be. I was just wondering if anybody knows what the hell is going on or if it has happened to any of you guys?
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The first thing I would check is the TPS as that can get dirty, and cleaning it will take 20 min. If it is dirty it will normally cause some choppy action when you're idling, but probably won't explain the power loss. Also might want to check the coils. If one, or more, is starting to go bad then you'll have huge losses in power, which can be intermittent.
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