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I have an 09 r6 with 8500 miles on it, just changed the spark plugs and put in a new bmc air filter from stock and also installed a power commander 5 which I think is causing this whole problem because the bike has never done this before installing that.
I have mjs headers on the bike with a graves slip on, I am running the custom mjs map on the power commander and have also tried the full stock map on the pc5 to hopefully fix the problem but again no luck.
Onto the problem.. The bike will run great for a total random amount of time sometimes 2 minutes and sometimes 45 minutes or until I make it to where I'm going. After this given completely random amount of time all the sudden the bike or I'm guessing the power commander will dump a crap ton of fuel out to the point I can smell fuel the exhaust is smoking white smoke and actual physical fuel is on the inside of the slip on that's how much fuel it's dumping out. This then causes the bike to run like shit, sound differently and then finally stall any about 20 seconds of it dumping out the fuel.
After this I plug in the laptop and reload a map weather it be the mjs map or the fully stock map and then the bike will run fine again. I'll take it out again and it might right for half an hour or might only make it around the block and have to come back home because of the issue.
Why the hell is it doing this? Not sure it's the pc5 but really odd the bike didn't do this before the install and every time I reload a map it's really odd that the problem stops. I've installed the air optimized as it's called by dyno jet that comes with the pc5 that's just a shitty plastic box that plugs into the bikes real o2 senor could this be the issue?
I'm so grateful to anyone who can help with this, really sucks having a bike that's only a few years old and not being able to enjoy it not knowing how long it's going to run or if it's going to let me sit.
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