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Ok so i removed that fuggly lookin rear fender and relocated my plate. Now what do i do about the hole near the rear tail light??? is their a special block plate adapter for this?? what brand and where can i get it thanks guys

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Would this fit 2008?

I test fitted this on my bike (2008) and it did not fit flush, so i guess 08 is slightly different...I emailed greggs customs about this and he said he had no idea, and that if he makes one for the 08 its not gunna be anytime soon

There is a shop down here called metric method whos is making there own fender plugs, same as the greggs but designed for the 08' bikes...

i let them use my bike as a test dummy for fitment and design, the sample product should be out pretty soon for me to go back and let them do fitment testing...If all is good than they will have the cnc guy put them in production and get them into anodizing for the 08 R6's

i hope they hurry, because i have that ugly hole in my fender too
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