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Blue Micron Highmount, stock header, rearsets, right clipon... 04 R6

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These are basically all the parts I have left from turning the bike into a race bike.

Stock Header. Good condition with no dents. Some scratches and normal wear and tear

Stock rearsets. Good condition.

Right clipon. Good condition.

Micron highmount blue/black fade. Comes with peg relocator and turn signal relocator to keep all stock parts on the bike. Some minor rash on the can, no dents and works perfectly.

Lower left fairing, blue. No cracks or race, some paint chips.

Stock undertail. Good condition.

At this point, I just want everything gone so make a fair offer and its yours. Pics available on request.
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Let me know if you well sell the rearsets seperately. I just need the shifter side
PM sent
I'll seperate the rearsets if you only want the left one.

Daygo, I'll get pics emailed out when I get home from work tonight.
All PM's replied to and pics of the can attached. The black marks on the can in the last picture are dirty fingerprints and washed right off.


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bumps.... stuff needs to go...
how much are you looking to get for the Rearsets? PM me
I only need the brake side rearset btw....
pm sent
Clipons sold. Still have the Micon slip on and stock header.... I know there are some 06+ guys that want a header without a cat in it....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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