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I just finished my first mod, installing a BMC race filter onto my 2008. Very simple process and no problems whatsoever, it took all of 15 minutes. There is already a pretty good how-to written up for the '06-'07's so I'll just link that one below with a couple of admin notes.


-In addition to all of the screws securing the airbox around the outside of it, we also have one in the center of the airbox as well. Make sure you take this screw out as it is fastened directly to the air filter underneath. It is the only phillips screw on the top of the box, there is no need to remove the allen/hex screws towards the bottom.

-Make sure you seat the filter all the way into its place, if you are having a hard time make sure you put the bottom of the filter in first at an angle so that the tabs on the bottom fit into the slots that they are supposed to. It takes a little force, but if you feel like you're not doing it right take it out and make sure you have everything lined up properly.

-For the '08's, disregard the part about the 5 screws/bolts that hold the filter in place. The 08's have only one screw at the top of the filter that screws in through the outside of the airbox (as previously mentioned) so you can reuse the oem one. Once the filter is seated properly, close the airbox back up and put this screw back in first to ensure the filter doesn't shift.

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