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Bought a 99 R6

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First off, my name is Robert, and I'm from Hawaii. On K-bay and in the Marine Corps. Just bought a 99 R6 for $1,000. Yes, it needs some work. First, I had a new front tire put on it. It has set for awhile. It needed a new chain, rear sprocket, clutch cable. Also, it was missing the chain guard and rear fender. It's currently misfiring, and not hitting on all the cylinders. I'm going to try some new plugs and cleaning the carbs. Any other suggestions. It looks pretty good. Has carbon fiber rims, mirrors, and a polished frame. I think once I get it running good it will be worth a lot more then I paid. Any input is appreciated.

This is my second bike, lol. My first was an old 92 FZR 600 that I rode for 3-4 months while getting some skills down. I'm still new to the motorcycling world.
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Welcome to the forums! Ride safe! Atleast you have nice weather most of the time to ride out there, where it does not get to cold or hot!
Definitely. Its always riding season here.
Welcome to the forum..... You should also have the carbs cleaned and sync'd...
I downloaded the service manual and was planning on synching the carbs also. It doesn't sound that difficult.
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