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Brake Pad Suggestions and How To. Please

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Needing new pads on the r6... Wondering what everyone suggest for everyday street riding. i was looking into the ebc pads..

Also, is there a how to on doing this? im sure its not that hard. Is it?:lmao
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Pads and rotors "mate". They both wear but the pads wear more in the mating. New pads will more easily mate to worn rotors than the other way around...although you can just change the rotors and the pads will wear correctly after a while. The problem is you may encounter chatter(noise) and/or decreased braking performance during that time. If you were to change rotors with low mileage on the pads I don't see much of an issue but if you have quite a few miles on them I would recommend changing them when you replace the rotors. JMO
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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