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Brand New R6

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I got a 2007 blue R6 about 7 months ago and i am just now getting around to riding it and fixing it up (i had an 2001 GSXR which i just sold so i don't know that much about R6's). Im picking out mods to do to it later this week. So far this is what i have on the way.

carbon fiber tank pad
black chrome frame sliders
Black aluminum spools

These items are what im kinda set on but still considering alternatives.

GYTR exhaust
Turn signals in foot pegs (LED's) or integrated tail light (help?)
Blue Plate holder with R6 etched in

And these are the items that i need some help with.

Flush mounts (which ones? Company? where to buy?)
brake/clutch levers

Any help suggestions would be awesome. I have about 500 bucks to work with, maybe a little more.
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I'd also get a fender eliminator kit if you don't already have one.

For flush mounts, Protons are the best and the brightest imo but they are pricey.
Windshield Puig bouble bubble dark smoke.
Brake/Clutch levers go with Pazzos.
I have an integrated tail light, my friend has the LED's in the foot pegs. We both think the integrated is more visable. Also I put a seat cowl on and took my passenger pegs off. You mentioned a plate holder, that will look nice, the stock fender/plate holder is way too big.
I put the CRG levers on mine and really like them, I got the shorties because I think the stock levers are way too big.
I really think going -1 tooth on the front sprocket makes the bike much more ridable as well. Keeping the 525 chain and the stock rear makes this a pretty cheap mod, probably the most bang for the buck on the '06-'07 models.
If your looking into the GYTR, I'd look into mid-pipes also. You'd be surprised the difference in sound. Also F/E are a must for the 06+. Flush Mounts and Levers are also a good option.
Im getting the F/E right now. Im just trying to decided between the LED's in the foot pegs or the integrated tail light. Im kinda leaning toward the LED's because they are cheaper and look better.

As for the exhaust...how much do mid pipes run?
do ya'll have any particular brand of integrated tail light? Or is it just a whatever you can find on ebay type of thing?
I have the Clear Alternatives integrated tail light/signals. I know if you look around there are places that just sell the circuit boards and LED's and you take apart the stock tail light housing also and do the soldering yourself.
yeah im not feeling that motivated to cut the tail light apart and all...i might just buy the whole unit.

I went ahead and bought the protons and the plate holder so the next thing is the integrated tail light.
Ok mid pipes. I just looked up the fabrication place and i think i like that idea and sound.

Question: If you put a mid pipe/GYTR exhaust on do you have to run PC3 to make up for the changes?
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