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Hey fellow RSixers... well, it's that time again, and this one is probably the most important I've asked so listen up please.

Ok, how do you break in your bike? Now, I want personal info, not some web-stie junk. I've gotten and heard both - being break it in easy, and break it in hard. Now, the hard makes since to me but also the easy too. What have YOU guys done with your R6 (preferably '03). And, how in the heck and what in the heck is involved in upkeep? I purchased the four year warranty from the shop, but how do you take care of it guys... I'm lost? PLEASE HELP... I want to take care of it. I don't see the need right now to change to a different bike in the future. I just road it 150 miles in one day, and didn't get tired, worn out, cramps, or anything at all!!! That kicks butt! Please help... and more detailed the better... if anything give me a list of what needs, changed, lubed, adjusted, etc. That would be of great value... I owe you guys one!

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break in

well, this is the way i did my 03 R6:

for the first 50kms (the ride home) i took it easy not going over like 8000RPM, and always going up and down with the throttle, letting it see every range of rpm, but not holding it steady at any rpm for very long.

and after that i rode it like i would ride on a normal day. I would still let her rip to like 10-11000 RPms but i would not hold it there. just quick snaps.
I did this till like 600-800KMs.

Then i changed oil.

the bike has 1000kms on it now and i run it hard, but not to hard. It has seen redline a few times but it has never been held there. I will ride like this till about 1200KMs. Then after 1200 I will ride it like everyone else

some say drive it hard some say drive it easy. I beleive the most important time is the first 50KMs.

The bike runs like a top, and have no problems what so ever.

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Hey Cardguy, thanks man... that helps a lot. I've pretty much followed that pattern and conformed to both "break it in eas" and "break it in hard" sayings. I love the bike, and the only thing is there is a weird sound at about 35 mph in sixth gear... almost like a fast ticking. Can anyone help?

:wtf Why on earth would you be riding around doing 35 in 6th gear????:wtf It's probably driveline lash, or the engine about to stall. Try driving your car at 35 in top gear and see how well it does.
I haven't rode an R6 yet that didn't have noisy valve trane. betcha thats what your hearing.
Broke her in pretty much to the tee in the manual save for a few spikes into 8K only for a very brief passing situations. Never let her see the same rpms for long in the 1st 1000 miles. When I got to near 2500 miles redline was more frequent but rarely do I get there even now. Only when I'm extremely in a rush.
If you get cramps or fatigue, your probably not use to riding an R6. it goes away in time.
Well guys, what gear are you in when you're going 35 mph... ???

2nd, maybe third if I'm just putzin' along-1st if I'm really goin'! :twisted:
ya, usually second or third, depends on the traffic infront of me. If it looks like it's gonna pick up or there's a chance of getting around someone, I'll stay in second. If it's traffic rolling along, I'll be in third. Of course, I'm always ready to drop to second or first in a seconds notice. Just keep your eyes on the road ahead of ya!
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