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Broke my foot peg?

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Help/Advice Needed!! Foot peg MOUNT snapped

I am in a bad situation with my front foot peg mounts and honestly have no clue what my first step should even be to fixing the problem. I'm guessing taking the bike to a good welder would do but I wasnt sure if that was even something that would be possible. I also don't know anyone I could trust with welding on my bike. From central Indiana if anyone else is from around here and has any suggestions. Do here's the deal, I dropped my bike at a stand still when the laces of my boot popped out and caught the nub on the peg and I couldnt get my foot down in time. Upon dripping the bike It completely broke the front peg mount and the rear peg mount which to me was insanely unacceptable, I couldn't believe something so small could do so much damage. I rode the rest of the way home with my foot lightly resting on the brake as that was the only place to put my foot. There is no mount you can buy as I believe it is attached to the frame of the bike. Is my only option to but a new frame for the bike?? Please help if you have dealt with this as I have no clue what to do??
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Post a picture so we can see what the heck you're talking about. :rolleyes:
Since it's a safety item, choose wisely.
Personally, I'd buy the OEM rearset.
I've ridden over to Indy a few times BTW.
Sounds to me like he thinks he broke the frame when he has broken his rear sets in some way or another.
Could very well be. The rear has a sub-frame that is relatively easy to replace; just a lot of steps with stripping the rear down but none of it is difficult or especially time consuming.
Since I don't know what he has, just providing this as an example.
Take multiple pictures of everything from multiple angles prior to disassembly. Take them as you go along. Wire, cable routing and ties are important on a motorcycle. It's a vehicle and needs to continue to operate safely, so you'll want to prevent abrasion damage on the lines.
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