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Just thought I share my experience so no one else will run into the same problem.

I decided to install a frame slider on my 03 R6. It is the Shogun which require cutting.

After cutting the plastic and installing the frame slider, I over tighten the bolt so I broke off the threads from the engine block. I should have only tighten it to 32/33 lbs of torgue. Another reason also, is that the new bolt was 1/4" shorter than the OEM bolt so it did not grab enought threads so even at 33 lbs of torque, it still could break the internal threads.

Be careful when tighting these bolts.

Anyway, to fix the problem, I bought a HeliCoil kit. The kit cost about $55 for the metrix system used on Yamaha engine block. It took about me about 1 hour to tap a new threads to insert the coil and everyting is back to normal. The dealer wanted to charge around $90 and I would have to drop the bike off for 1 week. Also, it was hard finding the HeliCoil, I finally found it at Napa Auto Parts store.

Be careful and if you run into this problem, now you know where to get the HeliCoil.
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