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Bruce Fabrication Exhaust?

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I'm considering buyin the black/red slip on for my 2005 R6. Has anyone used them before or heard anything positive or negative about their products? I can't find crap anywhere online about the company or their stuff, and I'd really like to find out more about them before I put one on my baby. It's the Raven and from the pictures the exhaust looks like it would match perfect. Any input? TIA.

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Never heard of them...you have a link or any pics?
I haven't seen their work yet, but I've been talking to the owner Bruce Mortensen about making a custom high mount for my '07 R6S with the blue end cap. I think that would look sick. Its still in the works, but hoping to have that done soon...
Here are the pictures of my '05 Raven before and after installation of the Bruce Fabrications exhaust and midpipe. I will post a full review later once I have the exhaust broken in.

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Ive seen those on ebay in the recent past.Not any on there currently though.
go wiht HR1 RIOT soo much sexier.
If you had read the thread you would of noticed I already went with the Bruce Fab :fact
i know i read it, im just saying though..:*tongue
I like it, the lines of it remind me of the new bat mobile, kinda stealth...Hows it sound?
I like it, the lines of it remind me of the new bat mobile, kinda stealth...Hows it sound?
Excellent. I needed something that wasn't ridiculous at idle but carried a hearty tone throughout the RPM's and it does a perfect job! I'll post a video with my write-up :toocool:
Still have the temp tag on my bike, but the first thing I did was put one of these on. Black with blue tip - doesn't quite match Yamaha blue, but it's close enough. Love the sound btw. Not quite HR1 loud with the stuffing in it, but just right to my ear.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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