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Trying to get rid of this box of parts from my 05 r6, PM me for questions. I accept PayPal only please. Thanks guys. -Kyle

05 R6 PARTS!

03-05 R6 RAM Ducts L&R $20+shipping

03-05 R6 Tweaked Throttle Bodies(see pics) $15+shipping

03-05 R6 Left Side Motor Spacer $20+shipping

03-05 R6 Adjustable Dog Bones $15+shipping

03-05 R6 Coils 1-4(not sure of the order!) $25+shipping

03-05 R6 Kickstand Switch $10+shipping

03-05 R6 Fender Eliminator Clean Look! $15+shipping

03-05 R6 Painted Black Stock Windscreen Good Condition $15+shipping

03-05 R6 Stock Windscreen Good Condition $15+shipping

05 R6 Front Calipers GOLD + Lines (no master cylinder/horn) $70+shipping

05 R6 Throttle Cables USED $10+shipping

6 ft long Onguard Bulldog Chain + Kryptonite Lock Highly Used! $75+shipping
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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