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C. A. Integrator

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Hey all....i just picked up my birthday present from a bunch of buddies of mine and they got me the clear alternatives integrator. just a quick question, anything i need to look out for or to make sure i remember when i start installing the integrator? I'm gonna pull off the rear assembly in the morning to get this thing installed. Also, how easy is the install??
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After you install the integrator, I'm sure your going to notice the rather flast blinker pattern. They should have sent a pair of resistors with the kit which will enable you to slow down the flashing rate. If you are going to install these, you need to install them between the ground wire and the turn signal wire (yellow?). In other words, make sure one end is connected to the ground and the other end is connected to the signal wire.

I rode around with the fast flash for about 2 months before I couldn't take it anymore. Good luck and happy late birthday! :cheers
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