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Calling all Close Calls

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I was riding to work this morning and had a close call.
I was going through a sweeping left turn with a car on each side of me. As i rolled onto the throttle my rear tire crossed a painted line and i did a huge drift. As my knee hit the ground (I was wearing jeans), i pointed the bars to the right and let off the throttle. Then, the bike tried to high side me over the top. I held on and it bucked a couple of times until it straightened out. Somehow i did all of this between two cars in the middle of a turn.
That's about as close as i've ever been to going down. And, i was wondering what are some other stories of almost going down.
They say that there are only two kinds of riders: the kind that have gone down, and the kind that havent gone down yet.
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One mistake I see is that you let off the throttle. Why? Why not maintain or even roll it? Rear wheel WILL eventually come back to where it needs to be.

But hey, you got out of it, great job!
As gas prices increase, and more people choose two wheels over four, that will start changing. Currently, the road maint strategy is not too bike friendly.

Don't get me started on edge traps left by construction.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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